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Custom Capabilities
Custom Capabilities

Since 1995, here at Henglida, we have dedicated ourselves to the design and manufacturing of industrial blades and machine knives to meet exact customer requirements. We are a specialist offering industrial blades for an array of industries, all customized within a short period of time. Our product catalogue includes perforating blades, guillotine blades, circular slitter blades and rotary slitting knives, score slitter blades, rotary shear blades, flat shear knives, crush cut blades, punch knives, industrial punch tools, cut off knives, slicer blades, press knives, die cut blades, die forming tools, pelletizing blades, splice knives, scraper blades, and much more. Whatever your industrial needs, we offer an extensive array, all customized here in-house. We also offer high quality CNC molds, press brake tooling and carbide inserts for our customers.

To ensure our customers receive high quality industrial blades, the processing accuracy of these blades is ensured at a thickness tolerance of ±0.001mm and a surface roughness of Ra0.1μm, as well as a blade bore tolerance of H4. We will supply custom industrial blades that adapt to customer requirements for thickness, parallelism, flatness, outer circles, and inner circles.

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